Art Strategies

When I heard about the Sydney tank stream in connection with this site, I was immediately swimming through the space in my imagination. I researched and used the earliest images of this stream in the local Aboriginal (Gadigal) language. Some of the early maps of this place have been incised into the sandstone walls, infilled with red ochre and overlaid with imagery of washes, suggesting water.

– Judy Watson on Ngarunga Nangama: Calm Water Dream, EY Centre

As architecture transforms values and aspirations into built form, public art expresses community identity. It has the ability to heighten our understanding of a place and our relationship to it, and reinforce the significance of local culture and context. The creative interaction between artists, designers, clients and community has the potential to realise a place of profound meaning, where built form and art are seamlessly combined. Public art can challenge or enhance our sense of being in a space; it can curate collective memory, interpret local history and reorient.
fjmt’s dedication to the support of art and collaboration with artists has resulted in the commissioning of numerous groundbreaking and important works. With unique experience in public art strategies, we have led the briefing, selection, procurement and installation of works for both public and private clients. We work collaboratively with artists from the early phases to allow adequate time and flexibility to achieve the best outcome, and greatest synergy between the architecture / landscape and the art work.

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