“Most places acquire meaning and cultural significance through human use, ceremony and transformation. Places assume a sacred nature though our relationship with them.”

– Richard Francis-Jones

A central focus of fjmt projects, irrespective of scale or typology, is an integrated response to the public domain. Our work acknowledges that it is human habitation which imbues a place with social and cultural significance. As all levels of government and the private sector become increasingly aware of placemaking as both a strategy and a defined discipline, fjmt continues to receive national and international recognition for its approach to place.

More importantly it is the embracing of our projects by their communities which truly reflects their success, due in part to the creation of welcoming and humanised spaces, which provide settings and opportunities to gather, connect and spend time.

fjmt develop placemaking strategies through an interactive process involving community, clients, artists and consultants. We undertake in-depth analysis of each site to understand its culture and society, its demographic, community assets, as well as the physical environment and microclimate. Our broad experience in community consultation underpins our collaboration with community representatives to understand what is truly unique about each locale and its context.

As an integrated urban design, landscape and architecture studio, we apply our knowledge, and the experience of stakeholders, to envisage the site’s use in varied modes and by different community members. Further rigour is applied through collaboration with our partners who offer economic, market, retail and F&B strategic advice. Our aim is to strengthen social fabric both through the process of creation and by delivering sustainable and enduring public assets.


Evening at Darling Quarter

placemaking fjmt

City placemaking sydney fjmt architecture

City placemaking sydney fjmt architecture

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Melton Library fjmt architecture placemaking

University sydney campus fjmt architecture

Placemaking fjmt

EY Centre 200 George Street Sydney fjmt