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Electronic Information Transfer Policy

1. Purpose
fjmt will supply information in electronic format for use in relation to the project identified in the electronic documents. fjmt permits a licence for the use of the electronic documents by the client, and/or parties associated with the project as identified by fjmt or the client, for the purposes of the identified project. Documents provided by fjmt shall not be used for any other project or purpose.

2. Accuracy
fjmt will endeavour to ensure there are no inaccuracies or defects in the physical media, data or software, but we, or our client, do not make any representations or warranties that the physical media, information or software are without virus or other contamination, merchantable, or fit for a particular purpose.

3. Liability
fjmt and our client accept no liability greater than we would have incurred by transferring the information to you on paper documents. By paper documents, we mean any physical media containing information able to be read without software.

4. Paper Copy
fjmt will supply the recipient with a paper copy of any information supplied electronically if requested, but we may charge the recipient for the paper copy. fjmt will give the recipient an estimate of the cost on request, and provide a tax invoice.

Unless the recipient requests a paper copy, and notifies fjmt within 7 days of receipt of both electronic and paper copy that there is a discrepancy between the two, fjmt are entitled to assume the information provided on each is identical.

5. Use of Electronic Information
The recipient of electronic information provided by fjmt may use the information for their purpose but only in relation to this project.

6. Changes to Electronic Information
The recipient will not change the information without clearly distinguishing the changes from the original information whenever the information is displayed, reproduced, or transferred to anyone else by the recipient. However, if fjmt have included words stating a legal disclaimer, our name, or a copyright warning, these must be included in any reproduction or any transfer of the original information to any other person, including our client.

7. Transfer Agreement with Third Parties
The recipient will make an agreement with any person other than fjmt and our client to whom the information is transfered, before the information is transferred, which requires:

  • that person’s agreement to use the information supplied by fjmt only in relation to this project.
  • that person to clearly distinguish any change to the information fjmt have supplied whenever that information is displayed, reproduced or transferred to anyone else, including us, by that person.
  • that person’s agreement that fjmt and our client have made no warranties or representations about the media, information or software, and are liable only for the original unchanged information transferred to the recipient and only for the extent of liability fjmt would have incurred by providing that original unchanged information on paper.
  • that person to enter into an agreement on a similar terms before transferring information fjmt have transferred to the recipient, to anyone other than the recipient.

8. Revisions
The recipient shall agree that fjmt have the right to supply revisions to the original information and that the recipient will make reasonable efforts to ensure their own work takes into account the revisions. If the recipient has transferred the information to other persons who are relying on the currency of the information transferred to the recipient by fjmt, the recipient shall agree to transfer the revision promptly to those other persons.

9. Indemnity
The recipient of electronic information provided by fjmt shall indemnify fjmt, our client, and the employees and agents of each against any liability and cost, including legal costs, arising from the recipient’s failure to meet their obligations under this agreement.

10. Agreement
If, as a recipient of electronic information from fjmt, you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please advise fjmt immediately by return email and remove the electronic information provided by fjmt from your records.

Email Policy

1. General
To the extent that this email contains information provided to fjmt by other sources, fjmt does not warrant that it is accurate or complete. To the extent that there are personal opinions or views expressed in this email, they may be those of the individual sender and may not necessarily reflect the views of fjmt.

fjmt does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the integrity of this communication has been maintained, nor that it is free from errors, virus or interference.

2. Distribution
fjmt has in place an internal email filing and distribution system. Outgoing and incoming emails are copied to and read by other members of the studio.


Disclaimer for Mobile Devices

This disclaimer is provided (in lieu of a standard ‘inline’ email text) for any email messages sent from a mobile device by fjmt.

The message you have received and any attachments are intended for the named recipients only and may be confidential/privileged. If the message was received in error, please permanently delete it and notify the sender immediately.


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