Macarthur Memorial Park

Macarthur Memorial Park

An integration of memorial landscape and architecture with organic curvilinear roof forms

We have developed an architectural design vision for a unique Memorial Park, a concept and architecture that is uniquely Australian and comparable to the very finest international precedents. This is an Architecture of permanence and meaning, but also functional, flexible, affordable and extendable. The architecture is inspired by the quality of the natural landscape and the depth of meaning of remembrance and the ritual of passing.
Built form is integrated and connected with the undulating terrain and brought into harmony, with outdoor rooms, courtyards, gardens, terraces and water, framing and framed with an architecture that grows from the ground and hovers over sensitive landscape.

We have strived to create an architecture that is lasting, permanent and uniquely of this place. We have avoided any fashion of form, colour or material in favour of the timeless and lasting. Our proposal is founded on the universals of geometry, ground and sky as they frame our lives and our passing. The multi-faith nature of the complex is well understood, the need to serve well the unique ritual of the Catholic Liturgy, together with the many other faiths / religion as well as the purely secular, has lead us to propose an architecture of essentials.


Animation: Virtual Ideas

      A key design element to all the buildings are the light and organic curvilinear roof forms that purposefully draw inspiration from the surrounding topography and help to intentionally soften the forms against the landscape.

   Chapel roof section radial setout geometry

The multipurpose chapel building is a single large column free space that is divisible into three smaller spaces.

Gatehouse Roof Geometry