A sculptural and emblematic landmark for Green Square

Ovo and its adjacent sister development, No.8 Ebsworth respond to their urban gateway site. The ellipsoid form of the tower is reoriented away from the grid of the adjacent streets to maximise views across to the city to the north and new public domain to the south. This site calls for a simple and bold response, a response which is memorable.
On street level, the facade of the ellipsoid form peels away to address the scale of the adjacent developments and provides an anchor to the corner. Changing in colour and articulation the facade provides a harmonious response to the streetscape.

The pixelated pattern of the glazed curtain wall facade references indigenous flora of the Eastern Coastal Banksia Scrub and the terracotta and masonry of the early factories and warehouses which previously occupied the precinct.

While contrasted in scale, No.8 Ebsworth maintains a sense of the proportions of Ovo, however has a more reductive palette.

The orientation of the tower maximises solar access to public domain and the form reduces the bulk of the tower within the precinct.

Two new landscape laneway connections have been created connecting Bourke Street to Portman Lane and to Ebsworth Street. Level changes are resolved providing a connection from Ovo to the two sister developments. The awning fans around ground floor providing pedestrian protection and orientation into the precinct while emphasising the curved design.

The warmth and impact of the colours, and scale of the project provide a new identity to the precinct.


Ovo fjmt residential architecture sydney

Ovo interior architecture fjmt

Ovo fjmt residential architecture

Ovo fjmt residential architecture

Ovo interior architecture fjmt