and engaging consultation processes to achieve design excellence.

Recent fjmt public projects have varied considerably in type and scale and included art galleries, museums, libraries, council and civic precincts, churches, theatres and concert halls, police stations, multi-function and exhibition halls, as well as the refurbishment of heritage buildings, exhibition design, master plans and development control plans for public authorities.

fjmt has received the highest AIA awards for public architecture including the Sir Zelman Cowen and Sir John Sulman awards.

Public projects are among the most important commissions for an architect. They not only provide important civic facilities but must in some way represent the values and aspirations of a particular community in a particular place. Social values of openness, equality, equity of access and environmental sustainability come to the fore in these projects. Inevitably, budgets are tight and public funds must be spent responsibly therefore great care and innovation is necessary to achieve maximum benefit and effect with a minimum of means.

Collaboration is central to our approach in the design of public projects, and we frequently work directly with community groups and representatives through open