such as nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy and mass spectrometry where detailed layout planning must avoid issues with electromagnetic interference (eg. EM) or ferrous materials (eg. NMR), and ensure that instrumentation operates to its specification.

Other commissions include black-box performance spaces, television production facilities and court rooms. While not popularly considered as being research facilities, these spaces are integral to teaching current methods and exploring new approaches within their respective disciplines.

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp has particular expertise in university research facilities and their specialised requirements. Projects range from chemistry laboratories to clinical teaching facilities.

Our design approach is guided by thorough user group consultation and an understanding of the client’s complex needs. This is critical for designing facilities that meet current needs yet remain useful into the future. For instance, our laboratory design approach creates flexible and adaptable ‘modules’ to provide maximum long-term benefit to the client and user.

We have extensive experience in accommodating the specialised requirements of scientific instrumentation,