conservation residential projects. Recently completed is Sugar Dock at Jackson's Landing, a 21-storey residential tower in Sydney.

fjmt place great emphasis on the creation of an integrated response, rather than that of an isolated structure or individual buildings. Residential projects are thus seen as places to inhabit; a home within a cohesive urban and landscape environment.

Sustainable design forms an integral and essential element of each project. Current projects include integrated energy generation as well as innovative, healthy and sustainable systems of environment comfort control. Residential development projects completed by fjmt have received AIA and industry awards for design quality and innovation.

Residential projects are often the most detailed and fine-grained in nature. Multi-unit or apartment buildings require both an inventive and rigorous approach to the systems design that support the creation of living environments that offer great amenity, are sustainable, cost effective, provide a balance of enclosed and open space and importantly offer their occupants a sense of individuality, flexibility and delight. Most importantly these projects are ultimately the creation of people’s homes and communities.

fjmt has completed many multi-unit residential and mixed-use developments, frequently integrating extensive public domain and landscape works. These include high-rise towers, low-rise block-type projects, tight infill developments, heritage adaptation and