Soenke Dethlefsen

Soenke Dethlefsen

Senior Associate

Soenke has a dual qualification in architecture, having graduated with a Master of Architecture degree at Lübeck/Germany and the University of Sydney. He has particular experience in the coordination and documentation of large scale commercial architecture delivering outstanding detail and excellence in design and construction.

Joining fjmt in 2009, he has taken lead roles in fjmt’s commercial projects and is known for his attention to detail and precision in documentation and construction. His exceptional coordination of complex building services, including BIM management has greatly facilitated the delivery of innovative building solutions and construction methodology.

With a strong collaborative approach, Soenke leads teams through the design, documentation and construction phases.  He enjoys working alongside developers, consultants and contractors and has particular expertise in site coordination and contractor liaison

The recently completed podium of 200 George Street demonstrates his passion for excellence.